Remote Worker® MDM for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Laptops, Desktops, and PCs

Though mobile devices continue to gain in importance in enterprise settings, desktops and laptop PCs running Windows continue to remain a major part of the enterprise ecosystem. With sensitive corporate data frequently being transmitted between Windows PCs and other devices, the need to manage Windows PCs is now more pressing than ever. This is especially true with the recent work from home (WFH) revolution.


Codeproof now offers Windows 11 MDM, a modern device management solution to secure, deploy, and manage Windows 10 and Windows 11 endpoints in today's workforce.

Top features

The following are the high-level features supported by Remote Worker MDM for PC and Desktop.

Command center

The command center allows IT Administrators to send commands instantly to a one device or a group of devices from an easy-to-use cloud console. Commands include send SMS, data wipe, screen lock, installing and uninstalling applications, rebooting the computer and more.

Policy configurator

Codeproof allows IT Administrators to remotely configure and customize 1200+ group policy settings on managed Windows PCs including web browser restrictions, app restrictions, desktop customizations, etc.


Remotely configure global system wide proxy to monitor the web traffic from all Windows applications. The end-users will not be able to bypass it. This feature is primarily useful for CIPA based web content filtering for K-12 schools and other organizations looking for content filtering.

Kiosk management

Lock down the usage of a Windows PCs to a single app, small set of apps, or web shortcuts for business or school use only. Prevent end-users from using unauthorized apps or performing unauthorized actions. Apply app restrictions to desktop apps, modern apps, and web apps.

In kiosk mode, IT Administrators can also lock down the shutdown button, restart button etc.

Restrict computer usage

Our computer usage management feature restricts computer usage on enrolled computers. The IT administrator can define a weekly schedule to automatically turn off computers during non-working hours. This is essential when employees are working remotely. The IT Administrators can remotely restrict working-from-home employees using company computers during the non-work hours to prevent unnecessary usage of company resources.

Custom wallpaper

Customize the look and feel of your Windows computers by remotely configuring the wall paper and lock screen images on all selected devices.

WiFi management

Remotely configure and manage WiFi networking in the managed Windows computers.

VPN management

Remotely configure and manage the VPN on one computer or a group of computers.

Certificate management

Centrally update and deploy certificates to all enrolled Windows 10 PCs to enable data to be communicated securely.

Location tracking

Precisely track all enrolled laptops and desktops down to their current physical address on a Google map display. Windows computers GPS coordinates information are gathered using WiFi network and nearby cell towers.


Various device management reports are available for IT Administrators to better manage the fleet of laptops and computers operated by remote workers.

Note: Codeproof will offer its "Windows MDM" solution as on-premise software for large enterprises as well.

Note: Get Codeproof Windows 10 and Windows 11 MDM customized to the specific needs of your organization. We can accommodate various customizations upon request.

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