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iPad iPhone Security and MDM Software

iPad iPhone Security And MDM Software

Business organizations have been quick to acknowledge the productivity gains of allowing tablet devices at the workplace. The Apple iPad as the market leading tablet device is one of the most popular BYOD choice for employees and business organizations alike. However, tablet devices such as the iPad typically lack adequate security protection against sophisticated cyber threats. Failure to manage iPad tablets and enforce adequate mobile device management policies prevents organizations from maximizing the value potential of the popular consumer technology.

To address these pressing tablet device security and management challenges, Codeproof offers enterprise iPad security and remote management solution for both corporate owned and BYOD iPad devices. Devices purchased using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) together with Codeproof MDM solution allow business organizations to customize device settings and enforce device management policies without running into performance or security challenges.

Codeproof supports the latest iOS9 MDM features that include DEP as well as VPP managed app distribution without requiring Apple-ID for each device individually.

Device Enrollment

Codeproof MDM offers full support for Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Agent based enrollment methods. Using the DEP capability, IT Administrators can enable device customization and perform the necessary configurations remotely. To enable DEP support, organizations must first purchase devices using the DEP program. Contact an Apple sales agent for further information.

Device Enrollment

App Restrictions

  • Disable and hide camera, App Store, Safari, iTunes, iCloud, Game Center, Siri, TouchID and other built-in apps remotely..
  • Using the Geofencing feature administrator can disable and hide camera, App Store, and Safari browser, iTunes music store in specific geographical regions defined in the Codeproof mdm application.

iPadSecurityAnd AppRestrictions.jpg

Password, WiFi and VPN Management

  • Configure password requirement in the devices remotely
  • Create and manage WiFi profiles remotely
iPadSecurityAnd PasswordWiFiandVPNManagement.jpg

Profile Manager

Upload custom profile xml files to the cloud and update these settings to specific devices from across the network. Simply create profiles using Apple configurator tool, upload the settings to Codeproof enterprise mobile security management profile and apply the changes to a selected group of devices.

iPadSecurityAnd ProfileManager.jpg

App Management

Deploy iOS apps from the iTunes and IPA packages to all the devices using Codeproof the platform. Codeproof also supports iOS9 VPP managed app distribution that eliminates Apple ID dependency to perform changes on every individual device.. The platform also allows IT Administrators to remotely remove the managed apps that were installed using the Codeproof enterprise security management platform.

iPadSecurityAnd AppManagement.jpg

MDM Tools

Using the command center, administrator can perform the following actions on the device instantly

  • Remotely lock the device
  • Remotely wipe the device
  • Send push messages
  • Remotely remove a passcode from the device
  • Remotely remove MDM profile from the device
  • Remotely Install/uninstall app

Web Content Filter

The Web Content Filter feature allows administrators to whitelist and blacklist specific websites (URLs) on supervised devices.

iPadSecurityAnd WebContentFilter .jpg

iPad Kiosk Solution

By enabling the Kiosk mode feature, IT Administrators can lock the iPad to an individual application. The home button is disabled and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot. In the Kiosk mode, IT security personnel can also configure the devices to limit functionality such as touch, device rotation, zoom, volume buttons and auto-lock, among others.

iPadSecurityAnd iPadKioskSolution.jpg


The Codeproof platform allows users to extract the following template reports as downloadable and printable PDF documents.

  • Apps Report
  • Device Asset report
  • Last communicated report
  • Mobile Carrier report
  • Mobile OS Report
  • Security Compliance report

iPadSecurityAnd Reporting.jpg

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.