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LG Mobile Device Management Solutions

LG MDM Solutions

LG Electronics Korea and Codeproof worked closely together to develop an innovative new enterprise mobile security platform for LG BYOD and corporate-owned devices. With the integrated MDM solution, business organizations can remotely manage LG GPad tablets and LG smartphones from the Codeproof console to establish secure, profitable and productive enterprise mobility practices at the workplace.

The Codeproof MDM solution integrates the following capabilities with your LG enterprise devices:

Device Restrictions Policies

IT Admins can centrally enable or disable various device features including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Airplane mode, SMS, Phone, Roaming, Email, OS OTA Update and Camera, among over 100 other policies. Configure restriction policies simultaneously at the group level from the Codeproof cloud console and apply these policies to all devices enrolled in the future automatically. As a result, Administrators don’t have to manually configure each device individually.


App Restrictions & Whitelisting/Blacklisting Policies

From the App restrictions tab in the console, IT admins can block users from changing device Settings and Configurations, app installations, accessing Web browsers and task manager, among other features as per custom organizational policies for Whitelist/Blacklist.

Admin panel:


Device sreen:


Website Whitelisting And Content Filter (secure browsing)

Using the Codeproof Secure Browser App, IT Administrators can remotely block website access in the device. Some of the supported features include:

  • Remotely allow only the required websites (whitelist)
  • Remotely block certain websites (blacklist)
  • Remotely block websites based on a keyword in the content
  • Remotely block websites based on a keyword in the URL
  • Remotely block all advertisements
  • Remotely block malicious websites
  • Setting homepage & web shortcuts


WIFI Management

  • Allow or block specific known WiFi hotspots.
  • Remotely create and manage WiFi and APN profiles


Kiosk Mode

IT administrators can remotely turn LG smartphones and tablets into kiosk devices. In Kiosk mode, you can allow to run a single or a defined set of apps, and block the notification bar, back key, menu key, recent key, Qslide, Split screen window and a range of unnecessary features.

You can also assign an app to the home key. This app will be displayed in full screen mode.


Kiosk Mode App Management

Codeproof Platform includes the Kiosk app management feature that allows administrators to selectively run apps while blocking the rest. This capability is achieved using the Codeproof Kiosk App (home app). The Codeproof Kiosk App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.

  • Screen lockdown & a custom home screen
  • Remotely turn on/off apps from the home screen
  • Custom branding text and background company logo


Locate The Device Including Location History

Codeproof platform offers a complete device location history including GPS coordinates and physical addresses. Currently location history is stored for up-to three days. Location history can be exported and downloaded as a spreadsheet in an Excel format.


Location History Export:


MDM Tools

Using the command center, administrators can perform the following actions to the device instantly:

  • Remotely lock the device
  • Remotely wipe the device and/or the external memory card
  • Send the scream sound
  • Send the Push Message
  • Remotely rebooting the phone
  • Remotely power off the phone
  • Remotely launch the App in the phone
  • Remotely wipe App data
  • Remotely install & un-install apps


App Deployment

IT administrators can centrally deploy a business app (APK) to all enrolled LG devices simultaneously simply by adding the APK download URL to the Codeproof console. Apps will be installed in the device silently.

After adding the APK URL, make sure to select the “deploy” checkbox. After that, send a ping command to device to perform a force policy update. Apps will be installed instantly. Complete instructions are available here.


Device Ping:


Email Configurations

IT Administrators can remotely create IMAP/POP/SMTP Email accounts in the LG device.



The following reports are available and can be printed or downloaded as PDF files.

  • Apps Report
  • Device Asset report
  • Last communicated report
  • Mobile Carrier report
  • Mobile OS Report
  • Security Compliance report
  • Android Permission report


App Deployment and Management

Silently deploy or install apps (APK) on all the enrolled devices simultaneously. Silently remove installed apps remotely from the cloud console. No security prompt in the device during this operation.

Credentails and Certificate Management

The MDM Administrator can deploy and manage security certificates centrally from codeproof cloud console.

Helpdesk Enabled

The IT administrator can remotely troubleshoot helpdesk related issues on various mobile devices.

Miscellaneous Features

Other supported features include configurations for passcode policy, encryption policy, jailbreak or rooted detection, collecting browser history, collecting phone call and SMS information etc.

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.