Codeproof offers several app distribution and configuration options across platforms and OEMs. Using Codeproof and its various integrations, IT administrators can maximize employee productivity while ensuring security. Our app offerings are listed below.

Enterprise app store/catalog

Operate the Google Play Store app as an enterprise app store that allows users to access and install only the apps approved that are from the Codeproof cloud console.

Application distribution

Silently deploy or install apps on all enrolled devices simultaneously.

Silently remove installed apps remotely from the cloud console without any security prompt in the device. Deploy enterprise APKs remotely from the Codeproof cloud Console.

Deploy web apps remotely from the Codeproof console.

Application configuration

Remotely configure applications via the Android Enterprise Managed Configurations interface. The IT administrator can select a device or group devices and remotely configure the available managed configuration options.

Codeproof also supports OEMConfig apps from various OEMs like Samsung, Kyocera, Zebra, and Honeywell etc.


Application whitelisting and blacklisting

Block users from changing device settings and configurations, installing apps, accessing web browsers, and task manager, among other features per custom organizational policies for whitelist/blacklist.

Enterprise APK distribution

Upload enterprise Android App Packages (APKs) to the Codeproof console and silently distribute them to Android devices.

Selectively upload the APK to a single device or the entire fleet of devices.

Android web apps deployment

Android Enterprise supports web applications. An IT administrator can create web apps in the EMM console. These web apps point to a web app (website) and will have an icon. The app appears in the device home screen like any other app.

Apple Business Manager

Codeproof platform is integrated with Apple Business Manager (ABM) to purchase and deploy Apple apps and books. It was created by combining the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) portals into a single service.

Google Play Store for Work

The Codeproof platform is integrated with the Google Play Store for Work. The EMM administrator can purchase and approve apps from Google Play store.

Maximize employee productivity through Codeproof